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You’re an artist - the creative dreamer type, yet sometimes you struggle with creating on a consistent basis. You crave meaning and significance, yet don’t always know how to find or create it. You understand and observe the world around you, yet you feel like you don’t fully belong in it. You feel like you can relate to almost anyone, yet you also feel like you don’t quite fit in anywhere. You feel things deeply, yet don’t always know how to control them or break free from them defining who you are.

Sound familiar? Then you’re probably a 4.

I help Enneagram 4s find themselves - embrace all of their “contradictions”, declutter the things in life holding them back and ultimately create the life of impact they crave - because you want your life to be unique, significant and meaningful. You want your life to matter - and so do I!

I created this for myself and I can show you how to do it too!


Genevieve Nalls | The Classy Hippie | Intentional Living Writer + Educator

Heyyy, I’m Genevieve Nalls!

I’m here to teach and guide you the process of creating the life of impact, peace & significance you deeply crave through the power of Intentional Living.

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I teach Private Group Classes for Businesses, Organizations & Events as well as In-Person Classes through Skillpop in Charlotte, NC. Choose from Decluttering Your Space & Intro to Low-Waste Living.