What Does It Mean To ‘Find Yourself?’

I know…Find Yourself… it sounds like something an angsty High School student might say, but the reality is, the majority of us just don’t know who we are or what we truly want in life. We don’t know ourselves.

We’re told how we SHOULD be and what we SHOULD want our entire lives.

More often than not, these ‘shoulds’ lead us to a life of living someone else’s expectations of us that can manifest into debt, a lack of meaning or purpose, poor health, a lack of self-care, anxiety, depression and worse. I don’t mean to BUM you out, truly, I don’t. 

I just want to paint a real quick picture for you of what it looks like to live a life in which you never truly know who you are or what you want - a life where you’re looking and looking for something outside of you because you never take the time to look within and Find Yourself.


The Irony Of All Of This Is…

…that you don’t actually need to “Find” Yourself - what you really need to do is Discover Yourself and unLearn all of the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that aren’t actually you // yours. Sounds simple enough right? But simple doesn’t mean easy.

There’s a lot of soul-searching that happens on the path of finding yourself and a huge aspect of that is self-awareness.

And… Guess What?!

One of the GREATEST tools for developing self-awareness is none other than >> Minimalism!

Minimalism?! What? You mean the design style where everything is black and white and fits inside of a perfect cube?

Yes and No.

Minimalism Is SO Much More Than A Style…

…it’s a way of life - and when applied to your own life, it’s one of the greatest tools we can use to really get to know ourselves inside and out - to really develop our own self-awareness.

Ready to get started on the path to finding yourself?!

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