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...and I'm your Intentional Living + Abundance Mindset Coach!

I help people become Free & Abundant forces for Good in this world through Coaching, Mindset Work & In-Home Sessions. I also teach, write & speak about Minimalism + Low [Zero] Waste.

Genevieve Nalls | The Classy Hippie | Intentional Living + Abundance Mindset Coach | 1:1 High-Level Coaching

I partner with people through High-Level Coaching Programs as well as In-Home Abundance Sessions where we can focus on removing the 'Lack' in your life through Decluttering your Home, Budget & Mindset so that you can receive all the Abundance coming your way. 

The Classy Hippie Blog is a space for me to share insights and tips into living more Intentionally while shifting into Abundance as well as my own personal journey + fun things like Travel and what I'm learning and thinking about.

My ultimate goal & dream is to create a School // Commune where people come to learn about themselves, their communities, the arts, social justice and Mama Earth. The Podge Co. is that School // Commune, or as I like to call it, an Educational Collective. I have no idea how to start a School // Commune - but I'm excited about the journey and excited to take you along for the ride! [More to come later this year.]

If you're interested in working together through Coaching, In-Home Sessions or Collaborating on Guest Blog Posts, Speaking Engagements or Partnerships, you can contact me directly through my email Genevieve@TheClassyHippie.com or by using the form Here>>


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