Read My Fave Books!

The books below are posted through an affiliate program, which means that if you decide to use these links and purchase any of them, I will make a little money from it. That being said, these are some of my favorite books that I absolutely love and have helped me in my own Intentional & Personal Development journey!

Please, only purchase these books if you feel in alignment with that decision - you can always go to the library or borrow from a friend.


Great place to start BOOKS

Woman code

This book is a game-changer for Woman to understand their bodies and start Cycle-Synching for optimal health!

zero waste home

Written by The Mother of Zero Waste herself - this is the best book there is for learning how-to live a Zero-Waste lifestyle!

the life-changing magic of tidying up

Want to declutter your home in one fell swoop? The #KonMari method in this book is your new best friend.


No Impact Man

The book that sparked our No Lights Challenge for a month - a VERY good and knowledgable read about Colin Beavan's experiment to make zero impact on the Earth for a year with his wife and baby while living in New York City.

One Part Plant

One Part Plant is GREAT for starting to implement more plant-based food into your diet! I've cooked many meals out of this one - it's truly a favorite!


more Books coming soon!