Where Does Your Stuff Go?

After each In-Home Abundance Session, I take everything you are letting go of with me and responsibly donate, recycle or compost as much of it as I can! Living your best, most Abundant life means letting go of anything and everything that represents Lack - and with that could come a lot of waste.

Because Stewardship is also a part of living an Abundant life, I do as much as I can to divert as much as possible from the landfill. Below is a list of the different organizations I support to make sure your "trash" becomes someone else's treasure and that we steward the planet in the process!


*This represents the majority of where I take Donations. If I have something that isn't a fit with one of these organizations, I'll do some research to find it a good home. I'll also donate certain items to a specific organization per each client's request. For example, I've taken Art & Design books to the Art Institute as opposed to taking them to Habitat for Humanity.

*I will also send you your tax deductible receipts after I drop-off your donations.


*This represents the majority of where I take Recycling. If it doesn't fall into these categories, I research where I can take it and if it's something that ultimately can't be recycled - it unfortunately ends up in the trash.


So far, there hasn't been a great need for composting, so I take what little there is and compost it myself in my own compost bin at home. Should there be a need larger than what my bin can contain, I'll reach out to Crown Town Compost.

Stewarding this planet is an honor I don't take lightly...

That's why I donate 10% of everything that comes in [off the top] to 1% For The Planet, an organization dedicated to responsibly dispersing funds to the organizations already doing the most good for our environment, animals & planet.

If you'd like, you can choose to donate and add to our overall 10% - Every little bit helps and I thank you for your support in making this world a better place!