Shop My Fave Low-Waste Products!

The products below are posted through an affiliate program, which means that if you decide to use these links and purchase any of the products below, I will make a little money from it. That being said, these are some of my favorite products that I love and use every day to live a healthier, eco-friendlier, Low Waste & Minimal lifestyle.

Please, only purchase these items if you feel in alignment with that decision - Remember, Abundance > Lack.



The Diva Cup

The average woman goes through 11,000 tampons in her lifetime. That's A LOT. Do yourself, the planet and your wallet a favor by making the switch to a menstrual cup.

Bamboo Toothbrush

I currently use a different brush, but when I'm done with it, I'm switching to these because they are 100% plant based - even the bristles and the packaging - which means every bit is compostable.

Tongue Scraper

Tongue Scrapers help to remove bacteria that sits on the tongue - which helps freshen your breath AND this option is as Zero-Waste as it gets.



I recently made the switch to this safety razor and I love it! It works great and is not at all scary like I was imagining. After each shave I disassemble the razor, rinse off each piece and let them air dry on a washcloth to prevent rusting. Keep this guy out of the shower as well.

Eye Liner Brush

I use the angled brush in this set to apply my DIY activated charcoal eyeliner and fill in my eyebrows. So far, it's the best option I've found, and now that I own it - there's no need to buy another.


I've partnered with a luxury hair care company whose shampoo & other hair products are completely Non-Toxic, Cruelty Free &Vegan!

FREE Personalized Hair Consult & Quiz HERE!



I use this compost pail to collect my food scraps while I'm cooking, and then when it's full I carry it outside to our compost bin.

Metal Tea Ball

I use this metal mesh tea ball for - you guessed it - TEA! I also use it when I make my homemade kombucha. It's perfect for loose tea!


These are the bottles I use to make Kombucha at home. You need an air-tight bottle, and these are perfect for popping open to release the gas created in the fermenting process, before then putting in the fridge.


XS Cloth Bags

I use these for buying spices, grains and small loose produce! I usually have one in my purse, which has come in handy for loose and spontaneous baked goods!


I use these for buying grains, nuts, mushrooms, green beans and other small loose produce in bulk. 

Wax Crayons

I use these wax crayons to write the tare or PLU number on my reusable cloth bags and containers I take with me for bulk shopping. The crayon washes out of the cloth bag and makes it so I don't need to use a sticker each time.



These are my absolute favorite mason jars! I use them for everything - meal prep, leftovers, smoothies and you can carry one with you for water, to-go coffee or to-go food. Wide mouth jars are crucial!


A friend of mine gifted me my cloth napkins, so I don't need any more for a while. If I were going to buy another pack, I'd get these. It's good to have cloth napkins for yourself, for guests and to carry one in your purse for when you're out.


I couldn't find the exact unpaper towels that I have, but if I had to get them again, I'd get these. Use them just like you would paper towels, only instead of throwing them out, put them in the wash and reuse them instead!



I love that this dish brush is reusable AND compostable! The handle will last a very long time and the heads are replaceable. Once both are used up, I can recycle the metal and compost the rest! 


These replacement brush heads are 100% compostable! To get more use out of them, use them in the kitchen first, then the bathroom, then outside before putting them in your compost bin.



Glass PUMP Bottle

I use this at the kitchen sink for my Castile Soap + Water Mixture to wash my hands and hand-wash dishes.


I have four of these for all of my DIY Cleaning products, two for my Basic Mixes [in Zero-Waste Home], one for straight lemon infused vinegar and one for Castile soap + water mix.

Distilled White Vinegar

*Try to buy in bulk locally first*

I use distilled white vinegar to clean 90% of my house and I get this one because it comes in a glass bottle that I can easily recycle. Always double check to make sure you can use it on the surfaces in your home!



Castile Soap

*Try to buy in bulk locally first*

You can use Castile Soap for SO many things, I haven't even tapped into its full potential! I use it for hand-soap, dish-soap, laundry-soap, mopping [if I mopped], pet-shampoo and as a spray for my plants to keep bugs off. 


I used to use these for dishes, but the short handle made it difficult. Now, I use them for scrubbing "gross" things like the inside of our compost pail or our turtles' tank. Once the bristles are no longer working, I can compost the whole thing!




Never use Hotel or Pharmacy Store Bought Travel Sized Toiletries again - bring your own DIY or luxuriously all-natural products with you! Plus, these come with a TSA approved travel bag! 


I love these! They're nice and compact, you can keep one in your car, your purse and at your desk. Plus, since they're bamboo, you can take them in to most public spaces because they aren't viewed as weapons like metal utensils can be.


I haven't found a need for straws, probably because I don't order To-Go drinks, but I get asked about straws A LOT - so here is a better option. Americans use 500 Million straws A DAY - that's insane! If you're one of them, make the switch to these stainless steel straws with a free cleaner.



Essential Oil Diffuser

I use [and love] this diffuser in our bedroom to diffuse eucalyptus oil [my favorite] as I go to sleep - it's very calming!

Small Spray Bottles

I use these small glass spray bottles for my homemade mosquito spray with tea tree oil, but you could also use them for travel and other home things as well.


I use tea tree oil with water to make my own mosquito spray. It works really well and is chemical free! Keep it away from kids and pets!



Eucalyptus Oil is my favorite - I just love the scent! I use this oil in my diffuser the most - so good! Keep away from kids and pets!


I sometimes use lavender oil in my diffuser, but I mostly use it for when I take baths, along with epsom salts. Keep away from kids and pets!