Making The Ultimate Mindset Shift

Alright folks - it’s time to S H I F T.

If you’ve been following me for the last several weeks, you’ve probably noticed me mention a SHIFT that I’ve gone through and that my business will be focusing on from now on.

You’ve heard me mention how since making this shift, my life, business, income, peace, zest for life, relationships, health and general well-being have all benefited!

Ok. Ok. Ok.

What is this shift already?!?

Wellllll…. spoiler alert - I’ve already told you! [In this post.]

Having the life that we want is 100% dependent upon our mindset. Check out this post to read about making the ultimate mindset shift so that you can start loving your life right away!

This major S H I F T is all about Releasing Lack & Embracing Abundance — shifting your mindset [my mindset, our mindset] from one of lack to one of abundance. 

Wait. What? What does that even mean?

I’m GLAD you asked! 

Before you can release lack and embrace abundance, you kinda need to know what they are, right? Right.

Lack is anything that is based in fear, doubt, misalignment, worry, blockage, confusion, insecurity, anxiety, clutter, poverty, illness, etc. etc.

Abundance is anything that is based in Joy, A Confident KNOWING, Trust, Generosity, Peace, Clarity, Fun, Wealth, Health, Community etc. etc. 

You also have to understand that in everything - every subject - there are really two subjects - lack and abundance. This means that in literally everything in your life, you can choose to see, think about, believe in, etc. the lack in something or the abundance in something.

Both exist at all times - and you start to make the shift by controlling your thoughts, by becoming observant of them, checking in with how you are feeling and choosing to keep that thought because it is an abundant one, or choosing to release it because it is a thought based in lack. 

I’ve been playing around with ‘Abundance’ for almost a year now ever since I switched my word of the year from Refine to Abundance in July of last year. [Notice how I didn’t do a Word of the Year post this year? That’s because I released Refine and was still playing around with Abundance. But for anyone wondering, my word is 'Move' this year - and how that is unfolding is BLOWING my mind as well...but I digress.]

Something inside of me saw and understood that by guiding my year around the word Refine, I was STILL seeking after perfection. I was believing that I had to fix SO much of myself, my life, how I ran my business, etc. in order to get what I wanted and to feel GOOD — to feel like I was on the right path for things to work out. [Run-on sentence much?] I kept searching for the answers in everyone else's experience and it wasn't until I released that and finally understood that I had the answers within me, I just needed to align with them, that things started to change.

I honestly can’t tell you what the exact catalyst was for me switching my word from Refine to Abundance - it was probably God gently whispering to me that He loves me the way that I am, that He’s got everything figured out, that I don’t need to try SO hard, that I’d feel so much better if I just surrendered these limiting thoughts and beliefs over to Him, that everything I need already exists, etc. over and over and over again — until one day it just clicked. 

When I came to this new understanding and realization - it was a COMPLETE load off of my shoulders - at first - until I started right back into old habits.

Note: It’s crucial to understand that you can learn something new and want to apply it to your life right away but that to fully grasp it is going to take time and you’re not perfect and it might happen immediately for you but it also might take some time to break those habits you’ve been establishing your whole life. It’s good. You're good. It’s allllll good.

One of the reasons that I kept falling back into old habits was that I didn’t have the language to describe these mental shifts and connections I was making. I felt deep down that all of the work I’ve been doing over the years had a unifying thread, but that I juuusssstttt couldn’t quite bring it all together. 

I had the abundance piece - yet I was still focused on Minimalism, Budgeting and Zero-Waste and couldn’t verbalize the connection. I could feel it, but it hadn’t entered my awareness yet. 

Several months passed and again, couldn’t tell you the catalyst, but it clicked! Lack!

Operating from a mindset of lack is what keeps people from embracing Minimalism and experiencing the benefits, it’s what keeps people focused on purchasing single-use plastic items for “convenience” because they don’t have enough time or money to [fill in whatever excuse here], it’s what keeps people stuck in a financial situation they want to escape and it’s what keeps people from fully living the life of their dreams. 

This one paragraph doesn’t do this connection justice, so I plan on doing a whole post diving into it even further - because it’s incredible and SO simple! 

Once I had the lack piece, I really started to play! I started consciously deciding to see the Abundance that exists ALL around me!

This enabled me to truly cherish and be fully present when meeting new people, whereas previously, I would get nervous, feeling like I had to “overcome” these nerves and impress people and be this amazing person. It always felt so fake to me, not to mention draining, but I just couldn’t figure out how to be natural in a networking scenario - until this shift.

This shift made me realize that I was previously operating out of a mindset of lack - looking at everyone as a possible client and NEEDING them to work with me. Part of me can’t believe I ever felt so insecure around other people in this kind of setting and part of me is compassionate to that old version of me because she just didn’t know and didn’t have the tools and she was trying her best - I love her for that. 

Now, meeting new people is SO fun! I get excited over hearing about what they’re interested in and sharing my passions with them from a place of abundance and excitement. I KNOW that I don’t NEED any one person to succeed in my business. I know that everything I need and desire is already on it’s way to me and that I get to stumble upon many hidden treasures along the way.

Now, the floodgates have opened and many teachers have presented themselves to me as I dive deeper into fully understanding this dichotomy and how to share it with all of you - like the Law of Attraction - which, I was already understanding and unearthing in and through my own experience before I even began to learn about it - and the coolest thing is how much it relates to this Shift!

I’ve been able to travel, I went on an amazing Solo trip, [Seriously can’t wait to share on this!] I’ve had new clients and other new and unique opportunities all come out of this shift. Abundance flows to me because my eyes, heart and mind are open to it, so I see it everywhere!

It makes me SO excited for the rest of my life and for the growth of The Classy Hippie & The Podge Co. [Completely refreshing The Podge Co. site soon to reflect documenting the journey of creating a Commune - SO stoked.] 

I’m exhilarated. This is WILD. 

The world is truly ours for the taking. The life that we want is truly ours for the taking. 

Look for new coaching packages coming SOON - I can’t wait to continue helping people use the tools of Minimalism & Zero-Waste but now through this lens - so that they can start loving their life right away!

So much Love & Blessings & Learning to you all,