The Power In Putting Yourself Out There

Fam Jam!

I am coming to you in a state of being fully BLOWN. AWAY.

If you remember reading, The Trophy Doesn't Prove It, I realized that I was wrapping my self-worth up in accomplishments, achievements and the approval of others. It wasn't something that was constantly happening - due to years of internal work - but it was still happening too often for my good.

Instead of shaming myself into STILL being in that place, regardless of how FAR I'd come, I decided to get reallll curious about it, reflect and share. 

Now, I'm still not great at Google Analytics so I don't know how many of you read it - haha - but, I have fully come out on the other side!

If you want to grow and see major shifts in your own personal development - you need to get GOOD at putting yourself out there because the results are POWERFUL! Check out my most recent experience in putting myself out there and what I've gained as a result!

I am now fully vibing and living in a state of not needing the validation. Very little of my results, or the trophies I was chasing, have changed and I. Don't. Care! I feel alive and vibrant and that everything is happening in it's perfect timing for me and I'm living in a state of expectant joy because I have finally made a HUGE connection between everything that I do and pursue!

Minimalism, Self-Awareness, Zero-Waste, Budgeting, Mindsets, etc. - all of the areas I talk about all have a core common thread running through them! You wanna know what it is?!

They ALL have to do with shifting from a mindset of "Lack" to a mindset of "Abundance!"

That is what my work boils down to. All of it!

I've been playing around with abundance on and off for almost a year now and things weren't exactly clicking. I'd made realizations here and there, but in getting vulnerable and addressing areas in my life that I felt didn't represent my best self - I saw that they ALL represented lack and then like a RUSHING, swirling wind - it all clicked!

This is the shift.

Sure - I'll still talk about practical steps of intentional living but the DEEPER work involves making the mindset shift from lack to abundance. Once you're there - everything is golden. You realize that you are enough, that your home is enough, that your life is enough, that your job is enough and you approach stewarding what you have from a place of honor feeling truly humbled and overjoyed that YOU GET TO LIVE YOUR LIFE!

Then the most magical thing happens - it increases! 

UGH. SO ON FIRE RIGHT NOW. SO glad I shared that post

Years ago, I would have been embarrassed about admitting the kinds of things I admitted in that post - but since starting this self-discovery process over 5 years ago now, I am completely an open book. 

I'm an open book for myself first, then others and here's what I mean by that...

When I share what I'm going through or how I'm thinking or what I'm learning, I process it SO much faster than when I keep it to myself. Major shifts like the one I've just experienced used to take MONTHS, even close to a full year and now - in just 20 days I've made a HUGE breakthrough! [I would say the click happened April 24th or 25th - somewhere in there - about 20 days after publishing that post.]

So where do YOU come in?

By me sharing my story, I also get to encourage others to start this journey for themselves - to learn from my mistakes and my victories and to share their own version. It literally makes me swell up with tears [I just did that about 10 minutes ago with a friend] of joy when we share with one another. I LOVE to hear what changes you've made, what you're discovering, etc. and it keeps me fueled to keep going myself!

But here's the thing.

None of this would have happened if I didn't put myself out there - if I didn't constantly work out my discomfort muscles. It takes A LOT to embarrass me now [and usually it's praise - which is a complete 180 of how I used to operate...] 

Now, I don't feel intimidated by others. I don't feel like I'm less than someone else because they've reached certain markers that I haven't yet and it's AMAZING!

The best part, that I didn't see coming, is that now I TRULY get to SEE others and celebrate them - like all the way, not just part of the time! I want to cry just thinking about all of this - all of the people in my life - it's just SO much!

[Sidenote: I practiced gratitude last night by thanking God for literally everyone that I could think of that I've ever met - even people I haven't met but who have impacted me in some way - even the ones who have "wronged" me in some actually backfired because I couldn't fall asleep since I had pumped myself up with gratitude, but even still I woke up feeling refreshed and SO grateful! I encourage you to try it!]

If you take anything from this post, take this...

Put yourself out there! Share your story! Share your process! Ask questions!

If nothing but your own pure joy as the result of major personal growth comes from it - then it's 100% worth it! 

I want this for EVERYONE! I want each and every person out there to release lack and embrace abundance because it's POWERFUL! 

I'm SO excited to share that my coaching business will be coming back in a NEW way - kind of coming for the first REAL time, if I'm honest - and that I will be taking on new clients and coaching them through this specific process of shifting from lack to abundance. I don't have a set date yet, but if you want to chat about what it can look like, I'm here for you! Stay tuned for the launch of these new services and a fresher look around these interweb parts. :) 

It's all happening. It's all on it's way.

Love & Learning,