So Long Netflix

Yep. We cancelled Netflix. For almost two months, we’ve been TV free, for the most part. I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant when Carl first suggested canceling, because canceling meant taking away one of the last sources of distraction we had left. That was scary. It meant, no more excuses. Without TV, we would be gaining about 12 extra hours a week to work on our various projects and goals. That idea was exciting, but not having an excuse to fall back on made me uncomfortable and brought up old thoughts of not being good enough. What if we gained these extra hours and I worked on my projects and I put them out there and no one likes them? What if people think I’m not any good? 

It might sound crazy, to have those kinds of thoughts pop up when considering canceling Netflix. I know, but when you start removing distractions from your life, your crap comes to the surface. That’s why we fill our lives with distractions in the first place. We don’t want to deal with our baggage and our insecurities, so we self-medicate with mindless consumption, be it TV, food, alcohol, shopping, drugs, sex, exercise, social media - we’ve all got our favorite vices.

I’m not advocating to remove that entire list from your life, [except drugs - those aren’t good for you on any level, you know unless they’re medically prescribed - but, not trying to open that can of worms right now, back to topic] I’m advocating for taking a look at that list and reflecting on the reasons those things are in your life and the relationship you have with them.

For me, when I started doubting myself, or when I got uncomfortable with growth, or even afraid of my own success, it was MUCH easier to sit on the couch for two and a half hours watching The Office for the third time through. It’s harder to go after your dreams and set goals and do the work to achieve them - and it’s hard for a reason. Nothing in this life worth having is easy. The really good stuff, the stuff that makes life matter takes work, but once you start down that path, it becomes apparent to you just how much better life is and how much better it can be for all of us.

Starting is the hardest part and it’s scary, but you know what’s scarier? Coming to the end of your life filled with regret over all of the things you didn’t do because you were too afraid to deal with your baggage, too afraid of what others might think of you. It might be painful, but I’d much rather deal with the pain of confronting my fears than the pain of regret and an unfulfilled life. 

Well, that escalated quickly. 

Cancel Netflix or don’t - I just hope you start down your own path. Start living on purpose. Do those things you’ve always wanted to do, and live the life you want. You can, we all can.

Love & Blessings,