Rabbit Trails...


- Flavor Paper makes awesome wallpapers! I'm loving this one!

- Recently discovered Tara Donovan and she is an incredible installation artist! Her Styrofoam Cup Install - WHOA!

- This is what happens when you search for purple architecture - you find an incredible interactive landscape of purple pillars that give off light and sound in China. WOW.

- Penda also created this beautiful River-Inspired Landscape Pavilion

- YES! Season 2 of The Night Manager Confirmed! Great show!

- La Muralla Roja by Ricardo Bofill. An apartment complex in Spain that puts all apartment complexes to shame.

- Emma Watson recently partnered with the Book Fairies to give out free books on International Women's Day. Love Emma - Love the Book Fairies.

- This Week's Color Story was inspired by the "girly" lighthearted and fun aspects of women.

- 10 Inspiring Women Making A Difference in the World.

- Why we should talk about periods on International Women's Day.

- WHOA. Hair Dye that changes color based on the temperature of the environment!

- Marimekko reintroduces five garments from the 60s and 70s! Can I have that white and colorful stripe number please?!?

- Ok. I've officially settled on at least one thing we're doing in Helsinki - the Flag Ship Store of Marimekko. GAH.

- Also thinking about the possibility of House Sitting while over there...

- This made my heart smile.

- This Florida National Park just got added to my bucket list.

- Did you know there was a Hollywood, Florida?! I didn't.

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