10 Inspiring Women Making A Difference In My Life

10 Inspiring Women Making A Difference In My Life

With March being Women's History Month and today being International Women's Day, I wanted to take the time to highlight some of my favorite women in the public light. Currently, one of my friend's is taking the whole month to feature one woman from his life each day and it's been truly inspiring! 

As I started making this list after watching my friend and thinking of the women in my own life - I just became SO overwhelmed by how many incredible women there are in the world! From fighting for women's rights to promoting creativity and ethically made fashion and everything in between - women are showing UP and their accomplishments and character are taking center stage.

17 Influential People & Resources to Help Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet!

17 Influential People & Resources to Help Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet!

By now you've had time to think over your last year, set some goals for this year, pick out your word of the year - but now what?

It's important to educate yourself about your goals, to break them down into manageable, bite-sized next steps. I've compiled a list of some of my favorite people and resources that have helped me tremendously over the last few years in giving me knowledge and a new perspective as well as accomplishing my own goals.

Getting it Together...

I don't know about you - but this year has been CHAOS. Carl and I definitely took on way too much this year, especially with it being our first year of marriage. Now, it seems like some things are winding down a bit and we're getting together this weekend to lay out the rest of the year to plan out as much as we can so that everything we have to do doesn't seem SO overwhelming.

Last night I threw together a quick Planner Print-Out for us to use and thought it might be helpful for some of you as well - so you can get it HERE.

It's a nine page document and will hopefully be SUPER helpful for you.


Use the first three sheets titled 'PROJECTS' to dump everything that is your brain. Absolutely everything that you can think of that you need to do between now and the end of the year.


Use the next three sheets titled ' [MONTH] PROJECTS' to start organizing what you put on the first three sheets into which month you think you need to accomplish your specific tasks.


Use the last three calendar sheets to take it a step further. Organize your monthly project list into chronological order and label the specific days with which task you need to accomplish.

It's SUPER nerdy but you will be SO relieved and you will have a plan down on paper to carry you through the rest of the year. After all...

How you end one season is how you begin the next.
— Pastor Steven Furtick

... and you want to set yourself up to enter 2016 strong! Good luck!

Love & Blessings,