Color Story 05 // Vibrant



Since adopting minimalism, I've been very drawn to the blacks, whites and neutral palettes that are associated with that lifestyle, but I've recently started to crave some color back in my life. These past few weeks I have been SO inspired by other cultures - their customs, fashion, food, architecture, rituals, etc. 

Last weekend, my husband and I participated in Charlotte's Connect with Culture Day and had the privilege to watch a few Indian dance performances. Their instructor spoke about the story each dance told and went on to explain the intricacy in the dances and that it takes the dancer 7-10 years to master the movements, facial expressions and even eye movements that are a part of each dance!

I was so impressed and my love for the Indian culture was reawakened. I've always loved the FOOD, but now I'm so intrigued to learn more and I think India just shot up to one of the top places I must visit!

So, it's no surprise that after being so inspired by the vibrancy of the culture, I chose India and the vibrant colors that come along with its culture to be the inspiration for this week's Color Story. 

I love the ornate detailing and the juxtaposition between the bright, bold colors against the desert sands // natural building materials along with the bright spices in the burlap bags and the camel adorned with brightly colored accessories. 

Choosing only five colors was difficult, there are just so many wonderful and unexpected color combinations to be drawn from the culture!

Love & Blessings,


P.S. My high school bedroom was painted that deep purple-blue color from the picture in the bottom right... man I miss those walls! I'm excited to start introducing some bright colors back into my designs and back into our home over the next few months!