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Budget Travel Guide // Pittsburgh 2018

This past weekend I got to go home to Wheeling, WV and make a short trip to Pittsburgh, PA with my Mom. We went up for about 6 hours on Sunday morning into Sunday evening and had a great time - but there were a few misses as well.

Unfortunately, misses happen every once in a while while traveling and although they can be kind of a bummer, hopefully they don't affect your trip TOO much.

Below is everywhere we went including the highs & the lows...

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Budget Travel Guide // Asheville 2018

We aren't prioritizing travel this year like we did last year [Asheville twice, Wheeling three times, Pittsburgh, Charleston SC, Wilmington, Boston, Latvia, Estonia & Finland!] but we ARE making a few trips for babies and weddings mostly, so I thought I'd share some Budget Friendly travel guides for the trips that we DO make this year - with the first one for Asheville.

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Why I Can No Longer Be My Business

A few months ago I hinted at some BIG changes happening in and with The Classy Hippie and I’m excited to be sharing them with you today.

I can’t be my business anymore. 

Wait. Am I shutting down The Classy Hippie?!? 

No. I’m doing one better. Over the next few months, from now until late summer // early fall, I will be taking The Classy Hippie through a brand audit and re-branding process. On September 1st, I’ll relaunch The Classy Hippie as a personal lifestyle blog.

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Every Street CLT Brand

I'm excited to share the completed Brand & Website Design for Every Street CLT with you! If you've been following along for the last three weeks, I've been using this opportunity to do a LIVE behind-the-scenes look at my client // design process. The last four posts have been heavily focused on the client side of the process, but this one will take a closer look at my design process.

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My 3-Week Client Process // Week 03

Week 03 is here! It's hard to believe, at least for me, how quickly this project is coming to a close! This week I'll be working on the website and prepping for the Launch of the design for Every Street CLT [the project I'm designing LIVE in tandem with this blog series] next Monday!

Have you missed any of the previous posts on my 3-Week Client // Design Process? No worries - you can catch up below! And read on to find out everything that goes into the Website and Launch!

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