My 3-Week Client Process // Week 03

Week 03 is here! It's hard to believe, at least for me, how quickly this project is coming to a close! This week I'll be working on the website and prepping for the Launch of the design for Every Street CLT [the project I'm designing LIVE in tandem with this blog series] next Monday!

Have you missed any of the previous posts on my 3-Week Client // Design Process? No worries - you can catch up below! And read on to find out everything that goes into the Website and Launch!

Day 11 Sketch Website Concepts // Layouts

Remember back to your client homework when I had you prep for your website design by backing up your current website and sending me all of your copy + images? Well, that step is what saves A TON of time for this week!

[If you don't already have a website, then our previous Skype call, the answers on your homework questionnaire and any other important information you've shared with me will go into the design of your website - so don't worry, we'll work through this together!]

Day 11 is heavily focused on reviewing all of your website content and your workflow process [that you wrote out in your homework] as well as your answers to questions like, 'What outcomes will make your site deemed successful to // for you?' and 'What is the main purpose // goal of your site?' 

Want to snag my Branding Questionnaire? Click Below!

After combing through all of that information, I'll browse through Squarespace to find a template that will fit your needs. I may even pick a couple of templates to test out at the same time and see which one will ultimately work the best - that will depend on what kind of pages you'll need for your site.

We'll start with Home, About, Contact, Blog & Services // Portfolio for the basis of your website. 

Days 12 - 13 Customize Squarespace Template 

The next two days will be dedicated to customizing the Squarespace template for your website. This is where I'll take your logos, typefaces, color palette, patterns [if applicable] and the rest of your design elements [all compiled together in your brand board from Week 02] and fit them into your website design.

This step, combined with formatting all of your content will take the bulk of the week. After the first two days, I'll send you a preview of your site for you to review and make comments on.

Throughout this process, you'll have two rounds of revisions for me to make any changes based off of your feedback.

Days 14 - 15 Finalize Website

The last two days are very similar to the previous two days but are a more in-depth refinement of your site based on your feedback from your site preview.

This is where your comments will come into play. We'll both look over the site and triple check that all of your links work, there are no typos, your site works in mobile, etc.

Once your site is complete, I'll send over your last invoice for $1,500 for you to pay before Launch Day. Then I'll create a graphic for you to use on your Social Media platforms to announce your Launch!

Once you've paid the final invoice, I'll upload ALL of your design files to your Private Client Page for you to immediately download and send off to the printers // use in whatever way you need.

[If you're thinking, 'haven't you been uploading these files as we go?' the answer is Yes & No. Throughout the design process I will upload images of your files so that you can see them and review them but not the actual files themselves. Once everything has been paid, that's when I will release your files to you, other than the .png images I've sent you to use as teasers along the way.]

I'll also upload a Style Guide that will outline your Color Codes and examples of where to use each color and typeface, so that in the future, you'll be able to cohesively make all of your graphics and print materials. 


Day 16 - the final day of the process - is Launch Day! We'll have another Skype call to talk about the last three weeks and what your biggest take-aways were as well as any final questions you may have.

I'll also walk you through your new site and explain how to use your website in order to add new content in the future.

This final day is the launch day for your project - but if it's not YOUR launch day for your business, and it very likely won't be, then I'll hold off publishing a Blog post covering your new Brand until that day.

If this final day is also the day you are launching your business or your new Brand design, I'll publish my post this day and give you plenty of shoutouts on Social Media!

Either way, this last day is a day to CELEBRATE!!! You have a brand new custom identity design & website for your brand // business!

Wow! Three weeks sure goes by fast - and there you have it, my COMPLETE 3-week Client // Design Process! I hope you've enjoyed reading along and getting an in-depth look at my process.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and if it was helpful to you in the comments below!

Thanks for following along!

Love & Blessings,


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