Color Story 11 // Lucky



Happy St. Patrick's DAY!!! Almost. Tomorrow is my favorite holiday, so this week's Color Story was easy to draw inspiration from all things Ireland, Green, Rainbows & Luck. 

I won't bore you with actual details of the history surrounding the holiday or that a lot of the "traditions" we take part in aren't actually historical at all, [but I still love them.]

Almost 7 years ago, I was fortunate enough to spend some Independent Travel time in Ireland during my Study Abroad Back-Packing trip across Europe. My ancestry comes from many sources, like most Americans, but the two at the top of the list are German and Irish.

I expected to feel called to Germany when we arrived, and though I loved our time there, that feeling of being 'home' didn't click until we got to Ireland. As soon as I saw those rolling green hills that seemed to go on for miles and the smiles on all of the people's faces, I felt my soul say, "Welcome Home."

Ireland is incredibly beautiful and I absolutely can't wait to go back, especially since I found all sorts of travel itineraries on Pinterest outlining so many places and things to do that I'd never heard of before! Pinterest was only a few months old when we were on our trip, so travel planning was A LOT different back then - [back then, HA.]

Anyway, I wanted to incorporate the landscape of Ireland as well as the fun & somewhat kitschy elements we associate with the holiday like clovers, the luck of the Irish, all things green and rainbows in this week's Color Story.

Love & Blessings,


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