So, what does a life filled with harmony, choosing 'AND', being your own shade of weird, generosity & curiosity all add up to? 


Out of everything, freedom holds the utmost value to me because from freedom comes love, trust and peace. It means I’m no longer held captive by what people or society tells me I should be, do or say. It means I’m free to create - free to help others - free to give my time, resources and energy to the causes that matter most to me. I’m free to be me.

I believe in being yourself. I believe in people having total autonomy and agency over their lives. I believe in people being free from comparison. I believe in people breaking free from lives of obligation to living lives that hold significant meaning and value for them. I believe in empowering people to choose freedom and to implement the change they need in their own lives in order to get to their own freedom.

I strive for freedom in every area of my life - freedom from debt, freedom from comparison, freedom to work the way I want for things that matter to me, freedom to love on people and build community, freedom to invest in my self - to grow and improve, freedom from guilt that may come along with the former - total and complete freedom.

We each have gifts and strengths - we each have people and causes that are important to us. When you’re free - you can focus on those things. I don’t want to be limited and I don’t want to put limits on others. I believe in empowering others to do the hard inner work it takes to become self-aware enough in order to choose the path that you were created to walk in the first place. When you walk that path - life is free. 

When you're free - you go after your dreams. You explore, you engage, you entertain your child-like wonder. Your curiosity can go on for dayssss.

When you’re free - you want everyone to be free. You feel for others, you care for others because now you have the space. You're generous. You give because you have so much - so much joy and life that you want for others.  

When you're free - you don't care what people think of you. Comparison will not kill your contentment. You live each day becoming the best version of yourself. Your weirdness can shine through.

When you're free - you have options. You don't settle for limitations or silly societal norms. You know that, should you choose, you can do and be all the things you want in this life. You can choose a life of 'AND' over 'BUT' every single time.

When you're free - you can rest. You know that your worth isn't tied up in your success or accomplishments. You can work for what you believe in. You can lean into what's most important for the season you're currently in. You can practice a life of harmony over seeking a life of balance.

When you live from a place of freedom, you don’t have space for comparison, judgement or offense because you’re already full of peace, trust, love & hope. Freedom allows yourself to crowd out the bad with the good. It allows you to pursue a life of meaning and to help others choose that for themselves as well - regardless of what that looks like for them, because freedom looks differently for all of us.

Be free my friends :)

Love & Blessings,