Color Story 07 // Delicate Opulence





Ever since starting Every Street CLT and taking this photo, I've been mesmerized by delicate ornamentation, but haven't had the appropriate outlet to further study it and experiment with designs. 

That inquiry has led me to a rabbit hole that I haven't been down since my second year in Architecture School when I focused my studies on the Baroque and Rococo time periods for a semester.

Personally, I don't want my house to look like these palaces [entirely], but that doesn't mean I can't, or others can't, admire the delicate opulence of the style. As far as architecture goes, it's extremely difficult to pull this style off - you need the SPACE for it.

While looking for images, I came across a typical American house that had done this style throughout their interiors and it was just - off. You need the two - three story height ceilings of these palaces and churches in order for the designs to remain 'delicate'. When you put them inside a regular house with 8' or 9' ceilings, it's crowded, large and completely out-of-scale.

I do however LOVE the all white interiors of the top-left image and do plan on incorporating a more understated take on that ceiling in a future home or studio space. All white + ornamentation + Mid-Century Modern art & furniture = the stuff I dream about.

I'm currently working on a brand that's in the discovery phase and I'm excited that elements from this time period as well as the Victorian era [the two conservatory images in this collage] are playing a role in the design, only with a more modern interpretation as far as HOW ornate the designs get as well as the color palette.

For this Color Story, I chose to go with a more authentic color palette to the time period and stick with pastels and muted tones. It's really quite lovely. I hope I get to use this palette with the use of greenery + copper // bronze on a future brand!

What are some of your favorite time periods in design? I'd love to hear about them - share below!

Love & Blessings,


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